Simon van Dam

Simon is a seasoned professional in the field of managing large-scale EU-funded projects. He has extensive experience in all aspects related to project management including proven managerial experience, a superb financial background and considerable skill in the formation and operation of complex consortiums consisting of industry leaders and top academic researchers.

Simon has served as project manager of a dozen EU-funded projects, including ELAICH (Euromed Cultural Heritage 4), ENABLED (FP6), MACAN (FP7), BEMOSA (FP7), TARGET (FP7), SPREE (FP7), FIGARO (FP7), R2Pi (H2020), NanoPack (H2020), ODYSSEA (H2020) and Mare Nostrum (ENPI-CBC).

He has also acted as the Israeli point–of-contact for the EU Regional Capacity Building Initiative for the European Neighbourhood Policy Initiative (ENPI) – Cross Border Cooperation (EU appointment), and participated in ENPI Opinion Poll and Research – Baseline Research project as the Israel expert.

Simon worked as EC Project Coordinator in the Liaison Office of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, dealing with the creation of effective partnerships for Technion scientists and their partners within Israel, Europe and the world, while dealing with bureaucratic administrative processes and protecting developing intellectual property.

Simon has held several senior management positions in several corporations, including Applied Materials, Inc., a US public company and El Al Israel Airlines, Israel’s national airline.


Dan Gerstenfeld

Dan, a public relations and web marketing expert, heads Interteam’s Dissemination & Visibility unit.

Dan is a veteran journalist, who served as the business editor and financial reporter at several leading Israeli newspapers and international newswires. With more than 14 years of experience he was, among others, the business editor of The Jerusalem Post, Israeli Daily and Makor Rishon. He has also served as the financial reporter and editor at Globes, Telegraph Financial Daily and Reuters. Dan has been leading the dissemination and visibility activities of the ELAICH (Euromed Cultural Heritage 4), BEMOSA (FP7), FIGARO (FP7), NanoPack (H2020), ODYSSEA (H2020) and Mare Nostrum (ENPI-CBC) projects.